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New Taste To Love

Combination of fruity taste and naturally fermented vinegar with freshest spices ingredients are the main reasons why  you don’t want to miss this distinct taste.

Freshly Picked Ingredients

The main ingredients used in our products are freshly picked from the local market. We choose the  best ingredients  to achieve the  best fruity taste vinegar and preserve its health benefits. 

Loaded with Health Benefits

April Delight Food Products are loaded with health benefits since all the ingredients are natural and organic.

Organic Vinegars

April Delight Food Products ensures that all the vinegar uses in our products are naturally fermented and in the right age to use to help maintain the irresistible taste.

No MSG Added

As far as April Delight wants to give a natural taste and healthier food products to every consumers, any artificial taste is not an option to be part of our product’s main ingredients.

Affordable Prices

Being healthy doesn’t need to be expensive and this is one f the reasons why you will love April Delights Food Products. 


About Us

April Delight Food Products is offering innovative products to serve a better and new food experience to every consumer. Our company focused on producing products with surprising solution to your sensational taste and health needs. Every ingredient of April Delight Food Products  is checked in every detail to make a good tasting healthy food for you. 

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Company Owner

I started this company with a dream of creating the perfect food product with amusing health benefits. I must admit, I am bless to live in a town with promising land who bear lot of fruits. Because of that, I was inspired and started creating product using the ingredients I can get easily from our town. My first product was a chili sauce turned to Spiced Coconut Vinegar. 

Since, I wanted to showcase the local product of my hometown, I added Pineapple Fruit to create a distinct taste that you will surely love. But it didn’t end with that. We are continuously creating more food products to showcase the best fruit you can find in our place.