About Us


April Delight Food Products is offering innovative products to serve a better and new food experience to every consumer. Our company focused on producing products with surprising solution to your sensational taste and health needs. Every ingredient of April Delight Food Products is checked in detail to make a good tasting healthy food for you. 

Our company is always open to new ideas to create or help us on meeting the high expectations of our valued consumers. We create urgency to meet the consumers demands while continuing improves our value to provide the best products that will surely satisfy your taste buds without sacrificing its quality.

Our Vision

To produce & manufacture foods with distinct taste that is always anchored on QUALITY.

Our Mission

The mission of APRIL DELIGHT FOOD PRODUCTS is to maintain the highest quality standard of their products to meet and even exceed customer expectations

Our History

Our history started as a family business. It was just a hobby of making chili sauce and other chili based products like sinamak and other concoction. In year 2015, Our company offered the first chili sauce to the public. At first, we started making less than ten bottles of chili sauce and an average of 20 bottles of “sinamak” or spiced coconut vinegar and blended chili. It was first offered to the office-mates and closest family friends until the word spread about our product.

Our chili sauce was well accepted by the first consumers and rated excellent. The first customers became our regular customers because it was cheaper compared to branded ones which are already available in the market. But the demand of the product wasn’t good enough to maintain the production. So, we stopped producing the chili sauce due to very slow in repeat orders due to the super spicy taste.

Instead of giving up in the business, April Delight Food Products decided to create a new product that will give a new taste and experience to the consumers. We concentrate on making “sinamak” or spiced vinegar using organic coconut vinegar while adding more spices and ingredients.

Since April Delight Food Products is based in Municipality of Polomolok where there is abundant supply of sweet pineapples, the idea of creating new taste of spiced coconut vinegar with sweet pineapples was born. The brand was named Caesar’s PINYAKURAT and started creating a history and offer in the public.