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Our company is always open to new ideas to create or help us in meeting the high expectations of our valued consumers. We give our best to produce good quality products that will surely make a tasting food experience. If you have any concerns, suggestions or urgent matter that needs urgent attention you can contact us through our website’s CONTACT PAGE. 

Here is a brief description of April Delight Food Products Company. It is based in Municipality of Polomolok where there is an abundant supply of fresh fruit, the idea of creating a new taste of spiced coconut vinegar with a twist of different fruit was created. 

Here are the following products of April Delight Food Products Company which is available on the website. First is Caesar’s PinyaKurat which is a combination of spiced coconut vinegar, different spices, and pineapple fruit. The other variations are named as Caesar’s Fruity Spiced vinegar with different fruit mix which is the “Pine and Passion Fruit”, Mangosteen, Guyabano. And the latest addition to the family is Sukang Iloko which is made in sugarcane.

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