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Favorite Filipino Street Foods

  • Favorite Filipino Street Foods to try when you visit in the Philippines.
  • Top street food you can find in the Philippines.

Filipino loves food and one of the most favorite by many is the street food. We will be sharing the top street foods you can find in the Philippines.

  • Isaw 

Isaw is a grilled chicken intestine. It is cooked using charcoal heat. It is usually sold for around 3 pm until 10 pm in the streets. You can have it for as low as 5 pesos per skewers.

  • Kwek-Kwek

Kwek-Kwek is a street food coated quail eggs or chicken eggs with color orange batter. It is deep-fried and usually serves with onions, seagrass, and cucumber. The price for this will depend on what egg the seller use. You can buy quail eggs Kwek-Kwek for 5 pesos each and the chicken egg Kwek-Kwek for 15 pesos each.

  • Fish balls and chicken balls

It is a common street food which is famous in Asian students. Fishball and Chicken balls are made with the meat of fish or chicken with flour and seasoned well. It is cook in deep-fried and best paired with spicy vinegar. You can buy it near in schools for 2pesos to 3pesos each.

  • Fresh Mango

Philippine is abundant of tropical fruits. You can see a lot of fruit vendors selling in the streets. One of the favorites and most common fruit you can buy is the green mangoes or “hilaw na Mangga”. It’s really best paired with bagoong or spicy vinegar. You can buy it for 5 pesos to 10 each sliced pack.

  • Balut

The famous Favorite Filipino Street Foods is Balut (undeveloped duck egg or a duck embryo). It is one of the most favorite street foods and sometimes offered as a food challenge to any tourist. You can find it almost anywhere in the philippine local market especially in the evening. You can buy it for 15 pesos each.

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