April Delight Food Products presents Caesar’s PinyaKurat Spiced Vinegar. It is a spiced coconut vinegar with a twisted taste of pineapple fruit.

Since April Delight Food Products is based in Municipality of Polomolok where there is an abundant supply of sweet pineapples, the idea of creating a new taste of spiced coconut vinegar with sweet pineapples was born. The brand was named Caesar’s PINYAKURAT and started creating history and offer in the public. 

Caesar’s PinyaKurat Spiced Vinegar is a specially made sauce to have a distinct taste of fresh pineapple fruit and spices. It is made 100% organic ingredients. The main ingredients are coconut vinegar, chili, garlic, ginger, onions, pineapple, salt, sugar, and other spices. All the main ingredients are freshly picked and produced by the local farmers in the Municipality of Polomolok.

It can be paired with your favorite street foods as your “sawsawan”, marinades, salads and soups.

Caesar’s PinyaKurat Spiced Vinegar has a lot of health benefits to your body since it is made with fresh and organic ingredients. The pineapple fruit has disease-fighting antioxidants and helps you boost Immunity. It is also high in fiber which can help in food digestion.

You can also read all the benefits you can get from this product in this “Blog” which talks about the health benefits of Pineapple.

Our company is always open to new ideas to create or help us in meeting the high expectations of our valued consumers. We give our best to produce good quality products that will surely make a tasting food experience.

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